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Data provided by Bright MLS and MarketStats for ShowingTime. Statistics generated on Jan. 10, 2018. Information deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

Home Sales Highlights 

Which neighborhoods have the most home sales? How expensive did homes get? Where are the million-dollar homes? We break down the data to give you a snapshot of home sales in the area.


Home Sale Trends

Are housing prices continuing to rise? In what neighborhoods are homes selling the fastest? The following chart answers these questions and more, including: the number of sales for single-family homes, average prices and average number of days on the market (DOM) in more than 440 Bethesda-area neighborhoods from 2013 to 2017. The neighborhoods included had at least five total sales during the last five years and at least one sale in the past year. The totals for each ZIP code reflect all sales in that ZIP code, not just the totals for the selected neighborhoods. Also, real estate agents entering sales data into Bright MLS are not required to follow a standard nomenclature; where possible, we combined subdivision names to account for misspellings and inconsistencies. Real estate agents may also enter sales into the Bright MLS database retroactively. As a result, some of the historical data may vary from what has been published in previous years. Some numbers have been rounded.









Data for this section was provided by Bright MLS—the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for the D.C. Metro area—and ShowingTime.


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