Lauren and David Liess Credit: HGTV

Rachel Macy is looking for a Bethesda home with boxy, cramped rooms, garish floral wallpaper or a linoleum floor—and one whose residents are ready for a change.

Macy, head of casting and talent for a California production company, recently put out a call for families in Bethesda and elsewhere in the D.C. area who are interested in appearing on a new HGTV series called “Best House on the Block,” in which a local interior designer and contractor remodel lackluster homes.

“It’s for people who have these ’60s, ’70s and ’80s bits about their houses,” Macy said. “Like, they have that avocado tub and toilet combo that needs to hit the road.”

During the show, Virginia-based designer Lauren Liess and contractor Mike Carr will help people remodel their homes, working within the family’s existing budget. Liess has been blogging about home decorating since 2008 and with her husband, David, runs a design firm and textiles company in Great Falls, Virginia, according to her website.

Macy said the show’s goal is to open up compartmentalized spaces and bring pizzazz to drab interiors that lack personality. The renovation project and filming could take up to 12 weeks depending on the owners’ wish-list, she said. She added that the show’s producers aren’t interested in one-room projects.

“It’s called ‘Best House on the Block,’ not ‘Best Room on the Block.’ We want to do several living spaces,” she said.

The pilot episode, which aired in July, focused on a home in Northern Virginia, and HGTV recently picked up the show for its first full season.

The show’s producers are seeking fun, outgoing families with homes built in an older style—ramblers, colonials and Cape Cods are a few examples, Macy said. The families must have a renovation budget and be willing to move out while the work is underway, according to the casting website.

Casting for the first season of eight episodes will wrap up by the end of March, she said.

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