A cat rescued from a smoky room at the Galvan at Twinbrook apartment complex. Credit: Via Pete Piringer

Two people were injured and a cat was rescued after flames broke out in a Rockville apartment building Saturday, according to Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service (MCFRS).

The fire broke out at about 11:15 a.m. Saturday at the Galvan at Twinbrook apartment complex off Rockville Pike. The apartments and the Safeway and other businesses below them were evacuated, according to MCFRS spokesman Pete Piringer.

One resident suffered from minor burns and a firefighter was injured, Piringer said. Firefighters rescued a cat from a smoky room, and the animal was treated on the scene and taken to a local veterinary hospital.

About 75 firefighters were present as a precaution in case the fire became more serious, Piringer said. The wind conditions “fanned” the flames and complicated the response, he said. The building was also previously been the site of a fire that displaced nine families in November.

At least one family was displaced by the fire on Saturday, Piringer said. Most of the damage was in one apartment, where both the injured person and the cat lived, but water damage spread to other apartments. The fire caused about $100,000 in damage.

Officials believe the fire started on a third-floor balcony and spread through a window into an adjacent bedroom, where it set off a sprinkler and an automatic alarm, he said. The cause of the fire is considered accidental and was likely caused by an electrical problem.

Earlier on Saturday, firefighters also responded to a home on Bennion Road in Silver Spring. A shed behind the house had caught fire at about 1:30 a.m., possibly caused by a space heater or electronics near a bed inside, according to Piringer. One person suffered from burns.

Photos via Pete Piringer