Cork & Fork, at 7110 Bethesda Lane, has been open for about 10 years. Credit: Joe Zimmermann

Cork & Fork, a boutique wine store on Bethesda Row, will close April 30, owner Anna Landragin said Wednesday.

Landragin said she made the decision as her lease was coming to an end.

“I am moving on as I have many other projects coming up my way that I have created and I’m going to take care of those projects,” she said. “I’m 70 years old and I want to do other things in life still.”

The store opened about 10 years ago at 7110 Bethesda Lane. In addition to selling a selection of wine, Cork & Fork offered classes, weekend tastings and wine seminars.

Landragin said her goal was to teach people to understand wine and to “respect the bottle that is in front of them.” To that end, she thinks the time she took to pass on her knowledge to customers has been well-spent.

“I taught them how to drink wine,” she said. “I’m like a wine parent to them.”

She lamented that the Bethesda area is losing boutique stores such as hers as more chain outlets move in. As the owner and operator of the store, she said she cared about the product and the community around it.

“It was more than a wine store,” she said. “I run it like a salon.”

During her time behind the counter, Landrigan said she sometimes dealt with frustrating customers, but mostly met “amazing people.”

“I’m leaving with the memory of warmth and friendship and fun and laughter and dinners and wine,” she said. “It was one big party.”