Metro system saw reduction in crime in 2017

Metro officials have reported that crime on the system in 2017 was at its lowest level in more than a decade. The number of robberies on Metro fell by 18 percent, the number of aggravated assaults fell by 27 percent and rape was down 67 percent. There were no homicides on Metro in 2017. Overall, crime dropped by 19 percent compared to 2016, Metro officials reported. [WMATA]

Chelsea Manning’s eligibility to run for Senate is under scrutiny

Chelsea Manning’s military status has some asking about her eligibility to run for Senate. Manning of Rockville is competing with with U.S. Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin for the seat. Manning served seven years in prison, and while her case is on appeal, the Army has placed her on a form of unpaid active duty that could subject her to a military restriction against running for office. Experts said they doubt the military would step in to enforce the rule. [Washington Post]

Judge sentences pregnant woman to jail for robbing her boyfriend

Gaithersburg police charged a pregnant woman with robbing her boyfriend and another woman at gunpoint. The man and the woman he was seeing on the side were sitting on a swing set at Travis Park in Gaithersburg on Oct. 2 when a masked woman walked up and robbed them, according to court documents. Police arrested and charged Avani Brock, 18, who said she committed the crime because she was angry about her boyfriend’s affair. In December, a judge sentenced Brock to one year in jail. [WJLA]

Rockville mayor wants more Metro service for city

Rockville Mayor Bridget Donnell Newton is lobbying for restoration of the city’s Metro service. The mayor said Rockville now gets about half the service it did in years past. Donnell Newton went to a Metro meeting Wednesday to request increased service. “If we want to continue taking people off roads, we’ve got to be able to have surety on Metro,” she said. [WTOP]

Gusty, cold Friday ahead 

Some snow flurries are possible during the morning. Friday is expected to be partly sunny and blustery, with highs of about 30 degrees. Lows in the teens are possible overnight, according to the National Weather Service.

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