A crowd at the A-RTS Festival in Rockville Town Square in 2016. Credit: Via Aversa Communications

In its annual list of the best places to live in each state, Money magazine named Rockville as the best place to live in Maryland.

The magazine cited Rockville’s amenities, its shops and restaurants and its numerous parks that are within walking distance from most homes. It also noted the city’s low unemployment and “ultralow” crime rate.

Rockville Mayor Bridget Newton said Friday she was thrilled that the city was recognized and said it was a testament to the hard work of city leaders, government employees and residents working to build a “vibrant, welcoming place.”

“I’ve always said Rockville is like a small town in a big city,” she said. “We have all the benefits of the neighborliness, and the safety, and all the amenities and opportunities of a big city.”

Newton said “Rockville’s got it all” when it comes to education, businesses and quality of life. She said one thing Money didn’t account for was the civil engagement in the city, which has 25 boards and commissions run by almost 200 volunteers.

Money lists Rockville’s projected job growth at 5.75 percent and its median household income at $100,158.

Last year, Rockville was ranked the ninth most diverse city in America by WalletHub. More than a third of city residents are born outside the United States.

Money also annually lists the best places to live in the country; Rockville was ranked as No. 39 on that list. Ellicott City, which was No. 63, was the only other Maryland location to be ranked.

Last year, Columbia in Howard County topped the national listing of best places to live in the country. Rockville wasn’t ranked in the top 100 places.

Newton said she’s happy to see the city on the top places to live in the country list, no matter where it ends up.

“When you think about how many cities there are, just to be named in that hundred is such an achievement and honor,” Newton said.