Montgomery County parents differ on cellphone use in schools

Elementary-age students are now allowed to carry cellphones in Montgomery County Public Schools. The district is also allowing middle school students to use their phones during lunch if principals give their consent. Some parents have pushed for the changes, saying their children need to have cellphones for emergencies. Others object to the phones because of the potential for distraction. [Washington Post]

Fired court official asks judge to reconsider sentence

A fired district court commissioner in Montgomery County is taking action to clear his record of a sex-related crime. Israel Mangroo was sentenced last year to 18 months of probation for using his cellphone to take a photo up the skirt of an assistant state’s attorney. He’s asking a judge to reconsider the sentence and give him probation before judgment instead. [WTOP]

Franchot wants to reform craft brewing regulation

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot is looking to change the way the state regulates craft breweries. Among other things, the plan announced Monday would eliminate limits on sales from taprooms and let local governments establish taproom hours. Franchot said the state needs to ease up on craft brewery so the industry can reach its full potential in Maryland. [Baltimore Sun]

Housing redevelopment isn’t a panacea for vacant buildings, blogger writes

Not all vacant office buildings are good candidates for a housing redevelopment, a Greater Greater Washington contributor writes. Montgomery County is among the jurisdictions looking for ways to reuse empty office buildings. While much attention has been paid to projects turning these structures to housing, a commercial real estate broker reports that this has only happened 26 times in D.C., Montgomery County, Arlington and Fairfax. [Greater Greater Washington]

Mild, sunny weather continues for Tuesday

Tuesday’s weather is expected to be sunny, and temperatures will reach about 59 degrees. Overnight, there will be a chance of showers, the National Weather Service reports.

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