Old Georgetown Road near White Flint Station condominiums, where a rabid cat was recently found. Credit: Via Google Maps

Updated 5:25 p.m.: A rabid cat scratched one person and bit another near Pike & Rose last week, a county official said.

A couple people approached a gray short-haired cat that appeared injured near the White Flint Station condominiums along Old Georgetown Road on Friday, county spokeswoman Mary Anderson said Monday. After the cat struck them, they contacted the county’s animal services division of the police department.

The cat was caught and it tested positive for rabies. Anderson said people who might have had contact with a rabid animal should ask a medical professional if they treatment. Rabies can be fatal in humans if untreated.

She did not know whether the two individuals were being treated for rabies.

The cat appeared to have an injured hind leg, which Anderson said could have been a neurological symptom related to rabies.

“If you see an injured animal, don’t try to touch it or pick it up,” Anderson said. “Call animal services.”


Public health officials have asked anyone who might have had contact with the cat to call 240-777-1755 to discuss further action or treatment.