Credit: Joe Zimmermann

Quincy’s, a casual sports bar in Bethesda, has closed temporarily due to problems with its heating and air conditioning system, according to a partner in the business.

Several paper signs on the exterior of the sports bar at 4920 Del Ray Ave. stated that Quincy’s was “temporarily closed.” Arnie Fainman, an operating partner with Quincy’s, said the bar closed because of a cracked heating exchanger, a 25-year-old unit that would have to be replaced. He did not know when the bar would reopen.

“It takes time to order a new one and we can’t work without it,” Fainman said.

Quincy’s opened last summer in Bethesda and served a traditional tavern menu in its 100-seat interior and 25-seat patio space. The bar has two other locations, Quincy’s in Gaithersburg and Quincy’s South in North Bethesda, both of which remain open.

A “temporarily closed” sign on the Quincy’s door.


The post has been updated to reflect the reason for the closing.