Fans of Quarry House Tavern in Silver Spring will have endure a few months without the restaurant’s signature hamburgers and tater tots.

The dive bar, which has been housed in a temporary location on Georgia Avenue, will close Feb. 26 before it returns to its longtime location across the street, according to co-owner Jackie Greenbaum. The bar had been forced out of its longtime home after a 2015 fire.

Greenbaum said Thursday the restaurant plans to reopen in the basement location at the corner of Bonifant Street and Georgia Avenue sometime in May—if the construction process goes as planned.

Greenbaum had originally hoped to return Quarry House to the basement setting in less than a year after the March 2015 fire, but she said the permitting process to start rebuilding after the fire “took forever.” The fire damaged the Bombay Gaylord Indian restaurant above Quarry House far more than the tavern’s space.

However, now the permits are all set and construction on the former space started last month. The new version of Quarry House will include a new bar, kitchen and heating and cooling equipment. The restaurant had been located at the space since 1930 and it was well-known for its dingy, beat-up look that gave the restaurant its character. Greenbaum said she hopes to bring back that type of ambiance once it reopens.

Shortly after the fire, Greenbaum moved the restaurant to the former Piratz Tavern space on Georgia Avenue, where it has remained popular. The restaurant initially had a one-year lease on the space, but the landlord extended it as needed, Greenbaum said.

The temporary space had some advantages over the other location in that it had a back patio and larger kitchen, but Greenbaum said she never planned to keep the restaurant there.

“No knock against it, but it had its own challenges,” Greenbaum said. “I know that our bar customers didn’t feel at home there… It changed the experience profoundly for both our staff and customers.”

She said Quarry House employees will work at one of her other restaurants in Washington, D.C., until the move across the street is complete.

Until the re-opening, though, Greenbaum warned, “Everyone who wants to get their Quarry House fix will need to do it by the end of February.”

Quarry House Tavern’s return to its original location was first reported by Washingtonian.