CIA George Bush. 1976. When George Bush was the director of the CIA, returning from a television appearance on the Mike Douglas Show in Philadelphia. Published in People Magazine

Defoliation2. 1967. C-123 aircraft defoliation flights over a delta in Vietnam. The squadron’s motto was, “Only we can prevent forests.” Taken for Time Magazine

Fireman. 1962. A lone firefighter hoses down a warehouse fire from a Hook and Ladder truck. Taken for the Des Moines Register

Girl on Horse. 1972. Part of a picture story on Appalachia for Life Magazine. The story never ran. 

Hmong Boy Scouts. 1988. From a story on the Hmong in America. Published in National Geographic‘s Centennial Issue. 

Iowa Children. 1960. Children play ‘follow the leader’ on rail road tracks. Taken for the Davenport Democrat.

Khe Sanh Chaplain. 1968. Marine chaplain holds a service for three marines on the perimeter of the Khe Sanh base in Vietnam. Shortly afterwards, the base was rocketed and he responded by saying, “This can’t go on forever.” Published in Life Magazine.

Macing Demonstrators. 1972. March on Washington, policeman maces demonstrators as they attempt to block traffic in Washington, D.C. He was chanting, “Ho, Ho, Ho. Here we go.” Published in Life Magazine.