Credit: DryBar in Bethesda

At least five beauty salons in Montgomery County are now eligible to serve booze.

The county’s Department of Liquor Control issued licenses to the salons in recent months after then-Gov. Martin O’Malley signed a bill in May that allows salons across Montgomery County to apply for a license to serve alcohol to customers.

Blo in Gaithersburg, Blu Water Day Spa in Kensington, Passion Nail Spa in Germantown and Clarksburg, and, most recently, DryBar in Bethesda have obtained licenses to serve alcohol, according to the Department of Liquor Control.

DryBar, a national chain, is known for serving drinks at their establishments. However, after it opened a  location in Bethesda in 2012, the company realized it wasn’t  legally allowed to serve alcohol under local liquor laws and lobbied for the bill that was signed into law in May.

Under the new law, salons can obtain a $100 license that permits them to serve beer, wine, or champagne. The law limits salons to serving one drink per customer.

Gaithersburg’s Blo was the first salon to both apply for and obtain the license, according to the county liquor control department. It now serves red and white wine to its clients.


“I applied for the license to give people an additional service and it is very much appreciated. The clients love it,” Laurie Tucker, owner of Blo Blow Dry Bar, said. “Clients come and have a glass of wine with their friends. It’s fun.”

While salons are seeing positive responses among patrons due to the serving of alcohol, barber shops and their customers are unable to partake in the fun. Only salons benefited from this bill; barber shops, excluded by state law from the definition of a beauty salon, are not eligible to apply for a license.