The Lot 31 development continues to keep Woodmont Avenue closed at Bethesda Row, despite plans to have it reopened by today. Credit: David Frey

Woodmont Avenue near Bethesda Row will remain closed until January as construction of the Lot 31 development continues.

Montgomery County spokeswoman Sue Tucker said inspectors visited the site and worried about safey concerns at the construction site, which includes a new underground parking garage.

“The county has gone out there and decided it will not open until the garage opens, which is planned in January,” she said.

Bethesda Urban Partnership tweeted Friday afternoon that the road “will remain closed until further notice due to ongoing construction that impacts safety.”

The stretch of road has been closed for nearly two years as crews work on building an underground parking garage, The Darcy condominiums and The Flats apartments.

The road had been slated to reopen last weekend. There had also been talk of an Aug. 15 opening.

When it does reopen, Woodmont Avenue will be a vehicle-only road. Sidewalks, bike lanes and an additional traffic lane are expected to be added. Some features will be built  by the time that the 970-space public garage opens in January and others aren’t expected to be completed until the project’s target opening date in June 2015.