Burned-out cars after a fire in a Silver Spring parking garage Credit: via @MCFRSpio on Twitter

Three cars were totaled and numerous others were damaged in a fire at a Silver Spring parking garage on Cameron Street Monday morning.

The fire started around 9:30 a.m. at 8530 Cameron Dr., according to fire department spokesman Pete Piringer. Piringer said on his Twitter account that the fire is believed to be accidental and likely started in a mini-van. Piringer posted a picture of a totaled mini-van and two other totaled cars on his feed.

“Numerous” other vehicles as well as the garage itself were damaged, according to Piringer, and a structural engineer is evaluating the damage to the building. The fire happened on the third level of the garage and Piringer said damage was estimated at about $75,000 to the vehicles and $25,000 to the building. No injuries were reported.