Gansler Says He Should Have Checked For Drinking – Attorney General and candidate for governor Doug Gansler said he probably should have checked for drinking while walking through a “Beach Week” house party to talk to his son over the summer. Gansler and a group of other Landon School parents helped pay for the house. Gansler said his son was DJing upstairs and not drinking. [Washington Post]

Restaurants Come Out Against Minimum Wage Hike – A number of restaurant owners and representatives came out against Councilmember Marc Elrich’s proposed minimum wage increase. The restaurant owners argued most of the employees earning the current minimum wage aren’t supporting families — many are teenagers. But the bill exempts tipped workers, meaning wait staff and bartenders. It’s aimed mostly at “back staff.” [WAMU]

Adventure Theatre’s Rescheduled Fundraiser – Adventure Theatre MTC will hold its rescheduled Annual Gala on Nov. 7 at the ballroom at 5521 Landy Lane. The children’s theater and workshop group’s original date was early October. But the event, supposed to be held in Glen Echo Park, was canceled because of the federal government shutdown, which closed the Park. The theatre lost more than $60,000 because of canceled performances. [Adventure Theatre MTC]

Flickr photo by ehpien