Gabriella Lapointe plays on her new playset donated by Roc Solid Foundation

On Saturday, June 16, Roc Solid Foundation traveled from southeastern Virginia to build a playset for 3-year-old Gaithersburg cancer patient Gabriella Lapointe. This was the first time the non-profit organization, which has constructed more than 35 playsets for children battling cancer through its Play It Forward program, has entered the Maryland/Washington, D.C. market.

That morning, “Gabby” and her family were taken out by limousine to Dave & Busters at the White Flint Mall. Upon their return home around noon, they were surprised by close to 100 Keller Williams and Roc Solid Foundation volunteers standing next to the brand new wooden playset they’d been constructing all morning in the Lapointe’s backyard. After some encouragement from her older sister, Gabby ran toward the playset with a big smile, and continued to play on the swings and slide for the remainder of the event.

“We build hope for kids with cancer by allowing them to be carefree for the day, without the worries of chemo and other cancer treatments that prevent them from enjoying their childhoods,” says Eric Newman, a childhood cancer survivor himself and founder of Roc Solid Foundation. “The pure joy on their faces when they see their new playsets for the first time makes it worthwhile for everyone involved.”